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[Sep. 1st, 2011|09:14 pm]
Daniel N's Testshoot #2
Fun Afternoon/2-3 weeks ago

So recently or rather just today I've been assisting a Fashion stylist. Been an eye-opener really, how he can just waltz into any fashion house office and pull the latest collection looks from them for shoots. We went to dior, fendi, LV, givenchy today. Tomorrow I'll be assisting on set with the wardrobe so that should be epic. I really want to ask him about styling tips.

We met a local photographer over coffee and it was really interesting to hear how he was been doing over at NYC. Honestly, I had wanted to go there and set my heart to going next year once I'm done with college. He gave me a few tips on Visa issues wise so that was really helpful. I can't wait to get out. Really. It's amazing to listen, hear and see the type of opportunities that are out there. I want to be in the heart of the industry.